Windermere Designs Junior

The bright and handy Hold Alls will organise children's toys, books, snacks and their treasured items for the car. Just hang them behind either the driver's or passenger's seat to keep your child's belongings neatly in place. Each has a velcro strap on each side for easy adjustment for different types of vehicles. All are machine washable.

$35.00 each (+ postage charges if applicable.)


Pink and grey elephants (Ref 6-252)

Pink and teal elephants (Ref 6-247)

Mauve and pink animals (Ref 6-246)

Construction vehicles (Ref 6-245)

Construction 2 (Ref 6-244)

Concrete trucks (Ref 6-243)

Butterflies (Ref 6-242)

Blue animals (Ref 6-241)

Birds - teal border (Ref 6-240)

Babusha dolls (Ref 6-239)

Yellow giraffes Hold All (Ref 6-230)

Purple owls Hold All (Ref 6-229)

Giraffes Hold All (Ref 6-228)

Dinosaurs Hold All (Ref 6-227)

Blue hippos Hold All (Ref 6-226)

Numerous animals Hold All (Ref 6-225)

Trains Hold All (Ref 6-209)

Planes Hold All (Ref 6-208)

Planes - blue binding Hold All (Ref 6-207)

Pink and teal elephants Hold All (Ref 6-206)

Pigs Hold All (Ref 6-205)

Owls - green binding Hold All (Ref 6-204)

Fire engine, bike Hold All (Ref 6-203)

Elephants, lions Hold All - orange binding (Ref 6-202)

Elephants, lions Hold All (Ref 6-201)

Butterflies Hold All (Ref 6-200)

Bus, cars and truck Hold All (Ref 6-199)

Birds Hold All (Ref 6-198)

Bike, concrete truck Hold All (Ref 6-197)

Animal Hold All - yellow binding (Ref 6-196)

Animals Hold All (Ref 6-195)

Butterflies orange border (Ref 6-169)

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